Caribou Shooting Club
Soda Springs, Idaho
A place to have fun and enjoy friendships in a little friendly competition.
Come and enjoy a good time with your old friends and also meet some new friends.

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Contact:     Vaughn Rasmussen - 208-221-3870     Brain Wood  208-540-2443

There are some other local matches listed in blue that you may be interested in

April 6 NRA Cowboy Lever action Silhouette shoot SCR, PC CLA - 9:00 am

April 10 Range Clean up 6:00 pm moved to April 11

April 11 Quarterly Caribou Shooting Club Mtg and Range clean-up - 6:00 pm at the range.

April 20 - Montpelier - Ice Breaker (Easter Egg) Shoot 10am (ANY RIMFIRE .22LR, .22 MAG, OR .17 HMR) see the course of fire on the Bear River Rifleman  page

April 20 - Blackfoot BPCR Silhouette match 9:00 am​

April 27 - .22 BPCR Silhouette Match 9:00 am

April 29 - BPCR String Match 200 Yards - 6:00 pm​
Please take the time to join the club this year.  We need you as a member in order to help maintain the Range -  $30.00
Click the link for a membership Form
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1 208 221 3870